Let It Shine Academy is a beacon of hope for children from low-income communities in Nigeria, providing equitable access to quality education and empowering the next generation with digital-age skills.


Who we Are

Introducing LISA

Let It Shine Academy is a beacon of hope in the heart of Nigeria, dedicated to illuminating young minds from underserved communities. As a non-profit organization, our passion is education for all, regardless of economic barriers.


Our Vision

A world where every child, especially the marginalized, has the key to knowledge and the power to change their future. We dream of a society where quality education is not a privilege but a right that every child in Nigeria can access and benefit from.


Our Mission

At LISA, we're not just teaching; we're elevating communities through digital empowerment, creative learning, and skill development. We believe in equipping the youth for a rapidly evolving future where they can thrive and lead.

Let It Shine Academy

Our Programs

LISA Creative Academy (LISCA) and LISA Secondary School (LISSEC) form the core of our educational outreach, with programs designed to teach, inspire, and uplift.



Offering courses in arts, music, drama, and more to ignite creative passions and develop valuable skills.



Providing comprehensive secondary education at no cost, ensuring that financial constraints don't impede academic aspirations.



Our New Digital Solution for supplemental digital educacation.

Revolutionizing Digital Education


Discover THEO – our state-of-the-art digital learning platform, specifically designed for children aged 9-15. THEO is an educational game-changer, blending cutting-edge technology with a dynamic curriculum to create an immersive learning experience.

Engaging Curriculum

Diverse subjects brought to life through interactive content.

Customized Learning

Adapts to each student’s unique pace and style.

Progress Tracking

Empowers teachers and parents to monitor and guide learning effectively.

The LISA Effect


Join us on a journey of transformation. Overcoming learning disabilities, language barriers, and economic hardships, our students are the living proof of our impact. Let's celebrate the victories in education together!

  • Over 500 children reached
  • 130 students enjoying free, quality education
  • 3 community learning hubs established

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Join us in our mission to light up young minds. Your support can transform lives and communities.